Why Do We Take X-Rays in Greenwood Village CO?

WHY DO WE TAKE X-RAYS in Greenwood Village CO

Chiropractic Greenwood Village CO Why Do We Take X Rays

At Roots Chiropractic in Greenwood Village CO, as a new patient, you can expect digital motion x-rays to be taken by Dr. Johnson before your treatment begins.

X-Rays in Greenwood Village CO

First of all, what are digital motion x-rays? Well, digital motion x-rays are a series of flexion and extension films that tell Dr. Johnson which segments of the spine are moving and which are not. We do this so your care can be catered especially for you. This way, the adjustments you receive will be as specific as possible. X-rays show Dr. Johnson exactly what is happening in the body in terms of alignment and structure.

Dr. Johnson uses a special technique to adjust and gets his “listings” from the x-rays he takes. Think of these “listings” just like you would a chef’s recipe. Everybody is different so he is not able to use a generic approach to meet everyone’s individual needs.

Once Dr. Johnson has reviewed your x-rays and goes over his findings with you, then you are ready to begin your treatment. This is all part of our patient education process. The more you understand what is happening in your body, the better you understand the importance of following through with your care.

It is of utmost importance that once you begin your care, you see it through to the end. Trust us, you will be so glad you did!


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