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Are you sitting at a desk all day? Have you been in a fender bender or had a sports-related injury? Life puts your spine under numerous pressures. The first sign that something is wrong is pain, though you’ve likely had the problem for some time. Greenwood Village Chiropractor Dr. Aaron Johnson presents an alternative to lifelong medications or risky surgeries. At Roots Chiropractic, which also services Englewood, we’ll help you become the best version of yourself through natural chiropractic care.


Dr. Johnson

Helping people get healthy is an issue close to Dr. Johnson's heart. With parents who suffered from illness, he understands the impact that it has on your entire family when a loved one doesn't feel well. Dr. Johnson loves to treat families, expecting moms, children and auto accident victims who need to recover their health and improve their overall well-being. With many techniques available, he will personalize his approach to what works best for you.

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Experience Science-Based, Noninvasive Care

Dr. Johnson uses scientific, heavily researched techniques that are proven to get people back to a state of health. Often, patients come to us after having exhausted all other avenues and have seen specialist after specialist who can’t give them answers. If you’re looking for a new solution, we’re here to assist you.

We welcome all ages, particularly expecting moms and children. You might be surprised at how quickly kids respond to chiropractic, and they can grow up healthier and educated on how to stay well, along with their parents.

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I Love this place. The doc is so personable, I truly believe he cares about each and everyone of the patients and their recovery and health.

- Carla A.

Dr. Aaron Johnson is EXTREMELY thorough and explained, in great detail, what he saw from my X-rays and the outcome of what he feels will happen upon his treatments. He’s the sweetest, friendliest, and most personable man I’ve met in a long time!

- Diane J.

My back has always been super tight, and Dr. J never has a problem adjusting me. I am often short on time, and he is good about getting you in and out quickly. He does a good job, is a good guy, and has a good sense of humor.

- Larry G.

Awesome Doc! Is very thorough in doing x-rays to find your start point and showing you where you should be, and taking the steps to get your there. Dr. Johnson does adjustments very quickly and really gets to know his patients.

- Patty G.



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