31 Non-Candy Halloween Treats Kids And Their Parents Will Love in Centennial CO

31 Non-Candy Halloween Treats that kids and their parents will love in Centennial CO

Chiropractic Centennial CO Halloween

Halloween in Centennial CO is such a fun time of the year. The costumes, decorations, parties, the tricking & treating and all of the beautiful Autumn things that come with it. All of the candy though? Not so good! We’ve come up with a list of non-candy Halloween treats that kids are sure to love and parents will too!

List of non-candy treats in Centennial CO

  1. Bouncy balls
  2. Book marks
  3. Cereal or granola bars
  4. Halloween themed erasers
  5. Fruit bars – Stretch Island Fruit Co.
  6. Glow sticks
  7. Goldfish cracker packs
  8. Honest Kids organic juice boxes
  9. Mini army guys
  10. Mini boxes of crayons
  11. Mini play-doh jars
  12. Halloween themed pencils
  13. Spider rings
  14. Halloween Stickers
  15. Halloween temporary tattoos
  16. Fake mustaches
  17. Yo-yos
  18. Halloween themed stamps
  19. Pirate gold coins
  20. Mandarin Oranges
  21. LED finger lights
  22. Glider airplanes
  23. Flying Frogs
  24. Wiki Stix
  25. Glow in the dark fangs
  26. Halloween themed keychains
  27. Mini flashlights
  28. Halloween glow-in-the-dark rubber ducks
  29. Mini fidget spinners
  30. Halloween stickers
  31. Bubble Wands

Enjoy! Happy Halloween!


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