As a chiropractor, Dr. Johnson seeks to make a positive impact on the nervous system by treating the spine. Your spine protects this all-important system, which is responsible for the control and coordination of every function in your body. If your spine isn’t aligned, pressure is put on the nerves, which in effect is like a kink in a hose. Chiropractic can allow your spine to have proper flow again, taking pressure off your nerves so that you can enjoy the best of health.

Going Beyond Neck and Back Pain

Many people think of chiropractic care as addressing neck and back pain. Indeed, it does a fantastic job treating these problems, but the benefits of chiropractic go far beyond these. Since your nervous system controls all your muscles, organs, cells and tissues, you might find that you’re sleeping better, have more energy or improved digestion and that your allergies, bladder problems or illness have decreased under care.

You can get results for conditions such as sciatica, headaches and numbness or tingling in your arms and legs, too.

Tailoring Our Techniques to You

Dr. Johnson has a wealth of tools at his disposal to help you. He uses traditional, hands-on methods like Gonstead or Diversified, as well as noninvasive instrument-based techniques such as Torque Release Technique™ and Activator®. Your adjustment will be tailored to what is best for your situation, which includes an extremely gentle touch for babies and children.

We’ll explain to you what to expect before giving you an adjustment so that there are no surprises.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Pain

If you have pressure on a nerve, the first sign of alarm is pain. There are no warning signs that your nervous system is compromised. Most of the time, you won’t have any symptoms, but that doesn’t mean you’re in perfect health. That’s why we recommend that everyone have chiropractic care – even if no discomfort exists.

Dr. Johnson is trained to evaluate the health of your nervous system and make sure that your body is working optimally at its full potential. Don’t wait for an emergency to occur before seeking our help, when your problem will be more complex, take a longer time and cost more money to address.

Caring for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

Some years ago, Dr. Johnson and his family were involved in a motor vehicle accident. Though he thought he was fine afterward, Dr. Johnson went in for an MRI and was shocked to discover he had three herniated discs. Four days after the accident, the pain set in, more extreme than he could have imagined possible. The surgeons said that a surgical procedure would be his only option. Instead, Dr. Johnson opted to see a chiropractor, getting adjusted three times a week without fail.

He hasn’t had any problems since. Even if you get in a mild fender bender, you can experience difficulties days, weeks or months later. That’s why we recommend that you get evaluated immediately at our office so that we can make sure that you don’t miss days at work, time with your family or have to resort to a risky surgery in the future.

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